Saturday, March 17, 2018

48 kg One arm Swings 10 x 5x5,Deadlift to 325, weighted pushups,side laterals

This went well across the board. The swings were strong, the bell felt light, and the volume was basically easy. I actually had to remind myself that this used to be very very hard for me for any sets and reps; and controlled me more than I it.
Not anymore
We had been doing 10 reps per arm instead of 5x5 and actually I forgot til we were just about to start( thanks Nick :) ) and I didn't want to switch. Mentally I was into the dl anyway and didn't want to work too hard. Next week though. All ten reps on one arm and ten sets of that

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 4/4
36 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 4/4
48 kg x 5/5 x 10 sets
100 reps
10,600 lbs

( video is tenth set )
135 x 3
225 x 2
275 x 1
295 x 1
315 x 1
325 x 1

Easy peasy. Felt great. Pulling this like an Olympic style clean deadlift, shoes and hook grip and all
Legs off the floor THEN finish with the hips. Back felt perfect. Have to remember though to REALLY lock in my lats before I pull


Weighted pushups
bw x 8 all paused reps
53 x 8 x 3 sets all paused

prepping for bench press work
super easy. Have to  go to tens next week

Side delts
3 x 12 with 20 lbs

this is starting to feel very strong now. It was heavy . should be every week workout soon

BW 169.6 !!
BF 11.0
W 57.8

salad AND stirfry cleaned things out. :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

24 kg speed swings 12 min, 120lb Mil press 10x3,walking lunges, rear delts

This was harder and easier, as I expected. It was easier mentally as 12 minutes is as close to a walk in the park with this protocol as can be. That's where things actually start to get hard for me
But knowing it's only twelve minutes I went out much harder than usual and that's always tough. Faster more powerful reps just tax you much more than going as hard as you can while simultaneously knowing you have to go a LONG TIME

So more hardstyle reps really got my HR and  respiration going.

24 kg speed swings
15:15 x 10 RPA
12 min
240 reps
12,720 lbs

Military press practice

trying to figure out how NOT to push the damn bar fowards and I think I figured it out! When I do my lat flexion some times it seems my elbows go behind the hands  and I lose that perpendicular forearm angle.

I have to compress the elbow straight down and not back at all so it's all drive under the bar
Here's another angle

10 sets of 3 with 120

will see how this works on Monday :)

Walking lunges
3 sets of 40 steps

hard today

rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 20 lbs

BW 170.8
BF 11.9 ( lowest it's been in the AM without a bath in months)
W 57.1

ok lets see if I can make my ruck tomorrow. Have to work extra late


PS Bench press!

In preparation for the SFL in May I did some benches at No Ex today. Just a few. I have to press 215 for a single for my strength test and it should be no problem but I haven't benched in 15 years! wow! that's a LONG time considering I competed for 13!

But it felt easy today. No problem at all
Flat back, medium grip with thumb over, took the weight out myself

bar x 5
95 x 2
115 x 2
135 x 1
155 x 1

felt just like a weighted pushup to the horizontal bar!

Monday, March 12, 2018

157.5 Military Press 5x5. Barbell squats 155x5 , floor pushups. crawls, side delts

And the beat goes on. Considering this was just 2.5 lbs ( which, in the pressing world can be monstrous!) under my all time best for 5x5 it was very strong. A few instance of balance issues ( lost glute tightness I think) but otherwise just solid

Also considering it was DST and I was up seriously early had an effect although it could have been a good one - I got to do the workout even earlier than usual.
Body felt good from this weekend and nothing special achey report. Energy felt decent all day, too

Mind was solid on the sets- almost no extra 'thinking' prior to the sets and I wasn't stalling at all. I was ready to go and get it done. Lots of confidence too, after that first set of five went well

Also took bigger jumps in the warmups. A bit tired of futzing around getting to these big weights. The fact that it was 70 degrees outside helped too ( still 42 in the garage though)

Military Press
45 x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
108 x 2
135 x 1
157.5 x  5 x 5

fourth set ( balance issue one)

I think my elbows are starting to flare. But, all in all. VERY happy with this session. Next week is 162.5 for my all time PR and then, hopefully the week after that 165  for the goal weight!

Barbell back squat
45 x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5 x 2
 SO easy. Hardest thing is holding the bar on my back. It helps open up my shoulders but man it's still not comfortable

Floor pushups
3 sets of 42

surprisingly strong

3 sets of 60 ft

Side delts
3 sets of 12 with 20
strongest this has felt at this weight

BW 170
BF 11.9
W 57.5

ok ready for a stretchout day


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Strong Ruck, Gait technique held

 Daylight savings time didn't mess me up too badly today and the early start in the cool, almost dark was a nice change, actually.
My gait technique started out well and held up very very well until the last lap when I just got tired and it was harder to hold form

My right foot felt the best it has in weeks until that last lap too. but it's fine. This technique definitely applies a softer, more mechanically sound position as well.
Legs didn't feel heavy although it did take me four laps to warm up and get the concrete out

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
11 iso squat holds
1:53 min
RPE 7.7

BW 167.4 !!! ( where the hell did that come from?)
BF 12.7
W 57.4

we'll see tomorrow. Game plan is 157.5 for 5x5 in the press


44 kg One Arm Swings, barbell hacks, wt pushups, rear delts

Very very strong and powerful work today. The 44 felt and moved, like a 24 kg. Didn't even Feel heavy at all. this is a very good sign of progress. But thank god for 8's.  Cardio is another story. 8's are the perfect number for me vis a vis power and endurance

One Arm Swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 4/4
36 kg x 4/4
44 kg x 8/8 x 10 sets
160 reps
15,520 lbs

 Barbell hacks
95 x 7
115 x 7
135 x 7
155 x 5

Wt Pushups
bw x 12
53 x 12 x 3

these were strong. too. done slower than last week

rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 20

really feeling this muscle work and get stronger. can't emphasize enough how important this and the side delt laterals are for shoulder stabilization

BW 169.6
BF 11.3
W 57.5


Thursday, March 08, 2018

New Gait Pattern training ruck/ 45 lbs

this went very very well. I wasn't so sure it would hold up but it did. I started out a little too ''vertical" i.e not leaning into it ala Pose running but soon figured it out.  Even too vertical I could feel it was definitely the proper way to distribute weight for each step

My god why does no one ever talk about this? What a game changer. It's so evident during marching but I could never quite figure out the carryover to regular walking gait. Now I can. Wow

This solves so many different gait issues; shoulder/t spine rotation happens by itself (!), pelvic rotation as well, stride length becomes slightly shorter but turnover is faster, plus foot strike is softer.

By leaning into it as I went lap time definitely improved and overall speed was better. This will take practice as well as getting some serious miles behind the muscles involved to really train them but I know I'm on the right track!

45 lb ruck
6 laps
50 min !
no timed laps

BW 169
BF 12.7
W 56.5


Wednesday, March 07, 2018

24 kg speed swings 18 min, 115 military press, walking lunges, side delts

Everything feels fine I was just tired today. and sore. Nothing except still recovery from a very tough work weekend/ weeks worth of training.

I wasn't looking forward to 18 min of swings but it wasn't so bad at all. Just not the power output I was hoping for but I didn't die and I got my reps in ( almost all - had 4-5 sets of 9 instead of 10's)

24 kg speed swings
15:15 x 10 RPA
18 min
360 reps
19,080 lbs tonnage
RPE 8.75

tough one but not horrible. Lots of double breathing and probably skipped the last rep on 4 sets just due to being slow and not wanting to work into my rest period.

First day of the fan being on. So weird.. So cold in the mornings but downright hot in the afternoon. First time also the gym wasn't still an ice box at 1 pm

Military press

45 x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
105 x 3
115 x 3 x 10 sets

these went much better than expected. Put my head back up but kept all the other changes and man they flew. Overhead position felt much better and closer to vertical
the weight, which is my test weight for SFL felt like a toy

Walking lunges
3 laps of 40 steps

just tired now

side laterals
3 sets of 10 with 15

BW 169.8
BF 12.7
W 56.5

actually looking forward to tomorrows ruck to try out the new gait pattern!


Monday, March 05, 2018

Military press 150 x 4x5,1x4, Barbell squats.floor pushups, crawls, rear delts

these went well and about as hard as I expected. Damn I hate fives. Fours are SO much easier and truth be told I don't know that fives are that important or that much better BUT it would feel like chickening out not to do them. They just suck

New technique held pretty well except that it still needs some fine tuning. I think looking up at the start will be better as it seems I am pushing bar around my chin early and that's not going to work. Flat shoes stay for sure as does close stance.
Launch technique as well

Military press
45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 3
120 x 2
135 x 2
150 x 5 x 4 sets, 1 set of 4 ( too tired to grind )

135 x 1  x 2 sets ( done with head back-much better initial path all other things considered)

glad I didn't take 155! 165 will be MONSTROUS  for 5x5!

Back squats
45 x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5 x 3 sets

SO easy. way easier than last I did these. All those presses made me stronger

Floor pushups
2 sets of 40
1 set of 30

delts are TIRED!

3 sets of 70 ft

Rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 20's

BW 169.2
BF 12.8
W 56.5